Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology M-CET is the prestigious education project of the leading industrial group, The Mohandas Group of Companies, Thiruvananthapuram. The College is run by the V.N.Gangadhara Panikker Memorial Trust based in Thiruvananthapuram.

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calling Grievance Redressal Committee
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  • AAMCET General Body Meeting 2014

    The annual general body meeting of Alumni Association of Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology(AAMCET) is scheduled on 28th December 2014 ...

  • Congratulations!!!!
    Ms.Lekshmi A J, Electronics and Electrical Dept. has scored the second ranks in their S4 B.Tech University degree examination from 2012 admission.<p><img ...
    National Education Day was celebrated by Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology, Anad on 11th November 2014. Students and faculty members held ...
  • Two week workshop on Control Systems
    There is a Two-week (10 working days) ISTE workshop through the DISTANCE EDUCATION mode, on Control Systems from 2nd December - 12th December, 2014 in ...
  • Congrats!!!
    Ms.Archana S S of S5 IT is selected to the Kerala University Women Volleyball team.